Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pastry Chef Things

Have you ever heard of a Pokeball? I hadn't. According to some angelfire website, a Pokeball is "A small red and white round object that will contain a pokemon when it is caught. To catch a Pokemon, first you weaken it and then you throw a Pokeball at it." So how does that become a birthday cake? Like so....

The biggest question I had is how to make a ball shaped cake. I didn't learn that is pastry school. You can buy a half-dome cake pan, bake two, and stick them together. Or you can do what I saw on Ace of Cakes, and make half of the cake a styrofoam ball, and on the top half carve a ball shape. I kinda did my own little mix of everything.

I used red velvet cake for the inside, and frosted it with cream cheese icing. I figured this would make it yummy enough for the fondant toppings, and also look really cute when it was cut into. Below are the photos. Ooohs and aaahs are welcomed. Thank you, thank you.

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