Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eating My Way Through Portland

Last weekend was my birthday! And for my birthday gift, my wonderful husband took me down to Portland for the weekend. There are many great things I could share with you about Portland- it was a great city! However, what you care about is food, so let's get on with it. Shall we?

~ Oh, a bit of a housekeeping note: Obviously, I was not around a computer to check my blogs, so I didn't realize the photos of my pokeball cake did not post until recently. Sorry 'bout that. It's fixed now, so you can go back and look~

We both had a lot going on Saturday, so we couldn't leave until about 5 that evening. After a wonderful car riding of catching up on our lives and listening to music, we got to Portland and went straight to the first restaurant on our itinerary. We pulled up about an hour before closing at Apizza Scholls- pizza, obviously. And what a pizza! This pizzeria was highly recommended to us, and were it in Seattle would easily top my pizza list. We both agreed that it was one of the best- if not THEE best pizza we've ever had.

~Another note: We did not bring our camera, so my blogs about Portland are going to be "phono blogs"- that is, blogs where all the pictures came from a cell phone camera.~

We then checked in to Hotel Lucia (which was also recommended to us and was fantastic, by the way!), and ordered dessert room service style. Since it was late, the menu was limited so we went with fried bananas in chocolate sauce. We weren't expecting much, honestly, because usually room service is overpriced and just ordered for the novelty of eating in bed. But wowee! I might have guessed since the hotel's restaurant was Asian Fusion had I thought about it, but I was very surprised to see the bananas were tempura fried! This is definitely something I want to try in the future. Oishi!

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The Saunders said...

How nice of Raj to take you to Portland! I was wondering what you did for your birthday. Fried bananas are one of my fav. mmmm......