Monday, November 17, 2008

Eating My Way Through Portland- Part 2

So, of course our dining itinerary did not end with fried bananas. We still had two days to go!

Sunday only consisted of two major meals for two reasons: 1) We slept through breakfast time, and by the time we were up and ready and to a restaurant it was noon, and 2) We were so stuffed by the end of brunch that there was no way we were eating again until dinner.

So for my Sunday (actual birthday) brunch Raj took me to Mother's Bistro and Bar. Again, a highly popular place- they had two huge dining rooms, but the wait was still 45 minutes! Totally worth the wait, though. I lurved the decor- a little vintage loft like with brick walls, but also full of glamour with gorgeous chandeliers and plush velvet furniture. Just lovely! The service was nice enough, but they were very busy after all. The food was definitely the star of the show. I was craving a waffle, because it was my birthday, dangit! Lo and behold on their specials was a belgian waffle with pear ginger compote. Oooh it was just what I wanted. And the serving was just enough that I was ridiculously full but not stuffed. Raj ordered their famous French Toast, and decided that he was still hungry so he ordered the "Mother's Scramble," and loved every bite of both.

The best part is that it was very reasonably priced. For all our food and a pot of tea we got out of there for $30, which is great when we wanted to stretch our eating dollar to the max but also eat great food.

We spent the afternoon wandering the streets of Portland, shopping, exploring and walking off our huge breakfast so that we would be ready for dinner that night....

My big, special, pull out all the stops birthday dinner was at a restaurant Raj found called Oba - a Latin Fusion place. We both had the prix fixe dinners, and enjoyed every single bite. I was to into my food to recall what Raj had, but I had a Latin Caesar salad, mesquite chicken breast with poblano mashed potatoes, and tres leches pumpkin cake for dessert. Oh, and two pomegranate sangrias (which is uncommon of us, but I'm telling you they were sooo good!). Props to Raj for planning the perfect birthday dinner!

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The Saunders said...

That sounds amazingly fun. I love trips planned around food.