Friday, November 28, 2008

Here to Help YOU!

Yeah, yeah we could talk about Thanksgiving and all the amazingness of the things I stuffed myself with yesterday from mashed parsnips to pumpkin souffle', but really, aren't we all a little full?

So now you are thinking about Christmas gifts, no? Well, I've already shared my wish lists with you, so I've decided to help you with your shopping for others. Maybe there is someone you know who isn't a professional pastry chef or culinary student, but simply into baking. This list is made of my baking essentials that anyone who likes to bake needs in his or her kitchen. Of course things like cookie sheets, cake pans, and measuring cups go without saying, so I'm only going to list things you may not have thought of and things that I use often.

Mini Muffin Pans $17.00. You can make a lot more than mini muffins in these pans (think mini cheesecakes and tarts), and trust me, nothing gets oohs and ahs like tiny foods.

Stainless Offset Spatula $32.oo. I don't think I paid nearly that much for mine, but this one has a lot of good reviews. Anyway, if you can't stomach that price I'm sure a cheaper one would do the job just fine as well.

Paper Loaf Pans 50 cents each. It is pretty even without wrapping it. Also, you can bring a little something to a Christmas party and not worry about having to get your pan back.

Muffin Scoop $19.00. You can buy scoops of all sizes, and they are all very useful. I find the muffin scoop size to be most convenient because it is also the size of an ice cream scoop, and can make those giant cookies that you see in bakeries.

Electronic Scale $39.00. I am constantly using mine, and for more than baking. This is really just a must have for every household. You can use it for weighing mail, and pets, too!

How to Be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson $14.00. My mom bought this for me about six or seven Christmases ago. It is the book that first got me into baking. Most of the recipes are very simple.

Cake Stand $29.95 Every baker needs her (or his) cake stand to display her (or his) creations. There are so many pretty ones out there. Crate and Barrel often has very cute ones like this.

Round Biscuit Cutters $25 for a set. Tres useful for much more than cutting biscuits. Especially for someone who likes making and decorating sugar cookies.

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The Saunders said...

awwe... i remember when i got my "domestic goddess" cookbook for Christmas my Junior year of high school I thought I would pass out from excitement. Remember the baking party we had at Ashley's house using that cookbook where the chocolate cake I made kept "growing" and if I remember correctly you made some REALLY yummy muffins. That is when Ryan made a surprisingly beautiful cheesecake...... shocked us all. Fun times......