Saturday, November 29, 2008


Now that we've all digested, I can go back to a couple of days ago. And what a day it was! With three chefs in the kitchen with lofty ambitions, one can expect a Thanksgiving menu to be over the top- and it was! Quite literally, actually....we made the entire menu from the Gourmet magazine's "over the top" Thanksgiving, with a few traditional family recipes added

Thanks to Raj (and a little to Gourmet magazine) for all these beautiful photos.

So, we had....

Goat cheese marbles rolled in pecans

Foie gras toasts with Sauternes Gelee'

Smokes sable tartar with marinated beets and watercress

Grandma's rolls

Cranberry apple relish

Wild mushroom bundles with collard greens

Roasted sweet potatoes with fried sage

Brown family stuffing

Pureed parsnips with brussels sprouts leaves

One fantastic turkey

Celery apple granita

Grandma's apple pie

Pumpkin Souffle'

We cooked for three days, and the payoff was worth it

Especially when shared with family

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