Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Picnics

...are a blessing.

When tragedy strikes, it really does make you think annoyingly deep for a little while. Since my post yesterday I have been thinking about all the ways that food (and things relating to food) is a blessing that we should not forget.

Today reminded me how food brings people together. Although I'm no sociologist (I hated that course in college), I would venture to say that there is not one culture in this world where people commonly eat by themselves. Eating is a great excuse to gather and be the social beings we were made to be.

Amazingly the weather here is still going strong (and by strong I mean beautiful, warm and sunny). My husband and I had a lovely, lazy Sunday, when it suddenly got lovlier and lazier. Our friends called us up and invited us to picnic with them for dinner. We kept it simple- a couple of blankets by the lake in Seward Park.

We brought the last picks of summer fruit:

While they brought fantastic roasted vegetable and feta sandwiches:

And veggie chips and hummus.

We ate and talked, talked and ate. When our main course was done, I got out some cookies I had bought from Macrina Bakery:

And we talked and munched some more until the sun went behind the hill. Then we ate some more...

...until we were pleasantly satisfied, then we talked some more.

Today's homework assignment is this: on some lazy Sunday afternoon (or any afternoon that works for you) call up some dear friends.

Go to a park.

Keep it simple, but remember to also keep it delicious and thoughtful. And remember to feel thankful.

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