Monday, September 15, 2008

Stealing a Moment a blessing.

Not only are Raj and I both very busy, but we both have very odd schedules also. On many days of the week we are quite literally like two ships passing in the night. We love using going out to eat as an excuse to reconnect, and try to take the opportunity whenever we can.

For some reason, this most often happens for brunch. We both like to sleep late, so we're never really up early enough for breakfast. Sometimes I want quiche while he wants a chicken sandwich. The very best place for this is Geraldine's Counter, which we frequent more than any other restaurant in Seattle.

We got there this morning(ish) only to rediscover that it's closed on Mondays (as we do on so many Mondays). Second best is the Essential Bakery Cafe, which has lots of little pastries (pictured) as well as soups, sandwiches, crepes, and French toast. Really, the important part of this morning was that before we parted to go to work that I sat across from my husband and shared some time with him drinking tea and talking about life as we know it.

Your assignment for today:

Take time out to sit across from your spouse, significant other, or anyone else you love, for that matter. You can either eat a relaxed brunch together or just share a cup of coffee or tea. Just make sure you're at a table together.

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I love you.