Friday, September 01, 2006


We are thinking of going to Spread in Northpark tonight, but hear such mixed reviews I'm not sure.

Anyone reading the blog today please let me know your thoughts!

From what I hear- presentation is amazing, produce is wonderfully fresh, food creative and good.

But- over priced, rushy stressy staff, uncomfortable seating.

Is this a good summary?


Erin said...

That is just about what I have heard, too, though we haven't yet been. We've bought their peanut butter at the farmers market--it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

It is a bit pricey and rushed; but it's worth it to go at least once. My favorite part is the water (yes, the water) -- they cram so many herbs and aromatics and such into it it's almost like a very mild 'tea'; the flavor is absolutely amazing.

We last went about 6 months ago, and I'd like to go again; unfortunately, the 13-year-old of the family won't go because when she ordered macaroni and cheese, there were sticks (rosemary leaves) in her food. She's not particularly adventurous. I do have a co-worker that goes all the time and raves about it.

logovo said...

Let us know what you thought if you decided to go. I used to like their food, but then they decided to go "tapas" and it wasn't a change for the good.