Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Hour at Region

The last time we visited Region was during the week of $30 dinners- we had a really great meal and were very impressed with both the atmosphere and the quality of the food.
Region's happy hour runs from 5-7 pm mon-thursday. It consists of half price drinks and half price appertizers- basically anything off the menu in the anti-pasta section. This is good because usually things here are pretty pricey. For such a great deal I was surprised to find us as the only ones in the bar- perhaps the location (5th avenue a few blocks south of university) doesn't offer itself too well to passers by?
We ordered a raspberry mojito and a strawberry lemonade. Both were made with fresh fruit and were really excellent, the mojito particuarly so. The bar tender was incredibly friendly and ready to oblige our every need. Looking at the menu we thought the anti-pasta platter looked like a good bet, although a little heavy on the meat side. Again Region was incredibly accommodating and prepared us a more vegetarian friendly platter. I was certainly very happy that we were there during half priced appertizer night. The anti-pasta came out on a salad plate and consisted of maybe 4 slices of cheese, 4 slices of meat, some radishes, lettuce, 6 slices of zucchini and a slice of bread (bruscheta topping had been removed due to pork content). The quality of everything was excellent but it felt much more reasonable to pay $6 rather than $12.

Region is a wonderful place and I hope one day we can treat ourselves to the $50 trust the chef 4 course dinner. For the time being I think we shall stick to Happy Hour.


Anonymous said...

Been enjoying your blog for quite a while now. If I may offer advice for Region (my favorite SD restaurant) go for pork or beef (or the jidori chicken). If you are vegetarian, just ask for a vegetarian option - Chef Stebner's wife is vegetarian (or so I have been told) and I doubt she suffers from his cooking.
There is a massive portrait of a pig overlooking the front of the house. Pork good.
On the other hand, it is a mystery why they don't draw more for the new happy hour (we went recently and were also the only people there). They have FANTASTIC cocktails using wonderfully fresh, vibrant juices and during happy hour they are less than $5 - are you kidding, there is no better cocktail (or personal service) in SD for anywhere near that price. And the rasberry mojito is perhaps only surpassed by the blackberry mojito I had a couple weeks ago. And, come on, you can't find better apps at lower prices anywhere.
As for Trust the Chef - as much as I love the place, I cannot rec it. Pick your own, the price is almost the same. Also, just look online every day - the menu is posted. Tuesdays are $31 for three courses, a great option if the menu appeals to you (and the kitchen will always put together a veggie option - do not let it dissuade you - especailly if you tell them ahead of time, and the pastas can be doubled for an entree as well).
Not to get too obsessive, but the pastas are usually homemade and - after an exhaustive search - there is typically no better in SD. Also on the obsessive side, if you see something you don't think you like - try it - if you don't like it at Region odds are you won't ever like it.
Good eating, and keep blogging - we are out there!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I just heard on NPR that region is closing and moving to Phoenix. Maybe just a rumour, I dont know, but you may want to go now and get your fill!!

Anonymous said...

It's true that Region is closing end of October