Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Air Conditioned Lounge

Sorry for lack of posting recently. I have been feeling quite ill the last few days- hopefully not as a result of food I have eaten somewhere.

Anyway a few notes about the Air Conditioned Lounge in North Park- first off wierd name, don't really like it but hey....
We headed over to the lounge on Saturday night, we usually don't do the whole bar thing, but we were meeting a friend and thought we would give it a shot. I'm not really a fan of being cooped up in a place with low lighting and no windows-some of the decor was cool, but mostly the atmosphere was not great. We went early and I am sure later on in the evening it is really packed (even less fun for myself).
Anyway the one thing this place did have was really good cocktail waiters, no flairing but very nice unpretentious complete knowledge. We ordered everything from a woo woo to a vodka gimlet and it was prepared flawlessly.

Happy hour at the Air conditioned lounge runs until 9.30pm on a Saturday so if you are looking for a place for some cheap drinks to start out a night out give it a shot.

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