Friday, September 08, 2006

Taste of Italy

We have previously passed through Taste of Italy in Hillcrest for just an appertizer or a drink. Finding it to be very late and having not yet eaten we headed in there. The pizzas have always looked amazing, they come out, gigantic and are placed raised in the center of the table for all to share. We were happy to find that unlike Pizza Nova we could actually split a pizza and went for half vegetarian and half 'the works' or some such variety.
Waiting for our food we ordered a couple of martinis, I got the lemon drop and my wife the melon ball. Of the two the melon ball was far superior. This was a new martini menu and the first time they had made the drink. Subsequently it came out in a rather large tumbler (perhaps they had not quite anticipated the volume). Nonetheless it was really excellent, tasting just like a honeydew melon.
It was a little wait before our pizza arrived, but that wait was well worth it. I think I would not go too far in saying this was the best pizza I have had in San Diego. True the ingredients were not as fresh or as interesting as Pizza Nova, but the pizza base itself was unsurpassable. Soft with a little crispness, topped to perfection with ideally sized vegetables and meat, a delicious tomato sauce and great cheese. Really really good.
Of course the pizza was massive, far too big. We only managed two slices, but our extremely friendly waiter boxed it up for us and we enjoyed it the next day for lunch.
I have heard pizza nova does excellent pasta dishes, this may very well be so, but I would encourage everyone to try this pizza that I would go back for time and again.

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