Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Making up for lost time, here is my second post of the day:

For dinner we are having Red Bean Moussaka, a favorite of my wife's. No she doesn't come from Greece, but from England and this is one of the things her mother would cook on special occasions. She says the smell of cinnamon always brings it back to her.

The recipe comes from Entertaining with Cranks- which still remains in my opinion one of the best vegetarian recipe books. Everything is so simple to make and yet so wholesome and delicious- with a usual touch of elegance.

The key tips to this recipe are: Salting the eggplant and removing all their moisture before placing them in the moussaka. Adding an egg to the bechemel- makes for a great texture when cooked and of course the cinnamon in the mixture, a very unforgettable flavor.


Anonymous said...

oh my... i believe i might need a drool cup while looking at this post. i can't help myself from wanting to dive in and eat some of glorious looking moussaka! sadly, tyler doesn't like eggplant so i never get to make such wonderful dishes. :-( i'm definately envious!

Anonymous said...

Looks very yummy!