Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well done, Macrina!

My dear, dear Macrina Bakery just made Bon Appetit Magazine's "Top Ten Bread Bakeries in the US" list. I have never worked there myself, but on top of feeling proud that I have been smart enough to eat there for the past seven years, I went to pastry school with, and still currently know, quite a few people who work there.

Macrina deserves all the recognition that it gets. Leslie Mackey runs a fabulous business and the baked goods are just plain delicious.

From Bon Appetit:

"Especially worth your dough here are the Macrina Casera ("of this house" bread made with a natural wild starter created from organic grapes) and the oatmeal buttermilk bread (ideal for sandwich making)."

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Anna said...

This is so delicious.