Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now I Want an iPhone

There has been a refusal on my part to succumb to the purchase of a smart phone. I have been in a stubborn battle (with no one but myself, really) to prove that most people (stock brokers, celebrity assistants, and company CEO's aside) do not need that kind of technology trailing them like a ball and chain all day long. Unless it's for your work, if you can't spend a couple hours out of the house without checking your email and browsing the internet...something seems wrong to me. This has changed with the iPhone now being available through Verizon. Also, when I saw this app for translating, it totally blew my mind. Can you believe that? Immediate visual translation?! It won't be long before there there will be a little ear piece that a person can wear to do the same thing, no?

Anyway, my point does have to do with food, and since we have been on the subject of GMO's this article talks about a free new app that can help you while shopping to avoid certain labels in the grocery store that are commonly tainted. If you, like me, do not have an iPhone (*yet*), at the bottom of the link there is a PDF that you can download. I would encourage you to skim it over so that you have an idea of common brands to avoid.

And seriously, if you didn't click on the link above, watch this video down here. It freaks me out (in a good way) every time I see it! I love technology!

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