Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Vegan Project- Day 12

Dear Vegan,

Please know that for the rest of my life I will hold you in the utmost respect- for I now know what it is like to be you. I understand what it's like to go to a party and see that the only thing I can eat is the raw carrots. I understand that the consumption of tofu and other soy products is essential to your existence- even if they are processed and not that healthy. I understand why you got so irate and yelled at me when I worked at a bakery and we ran out of vegan cookies. I understand why you, and people like you, are the leading artists in writing emotional songs and painting sad pictures.

Yours is a path not easily followed. I respect your ability to cook beans 500 different ways in order to feel like you are eating a good variety of food. While you may find peace and serenity in your diet, I have come to discover that my family and I cannot eat this way and remain healthy and balanced- both physically and mentally. But this is why we did this experiment, dear vegan- so now we know for sure.

Another benefit of this project is that I will always have empathy toward you and your kind when I come across you in this non-vegan world. I will no longer roll my eyes when I hear you pleadingly beseech the waiter, "Isn't there anything vegan on the menu?" I will try to help you find something to eat.

With much respect,


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