Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank you, Pop Tarts!

Did you ever think that I would have a title like that? I love this commercial:

At this moment, you're probably all thinking "Whaaaaa?" Why would I, a self proclaimed healthy food snob ever enjoy a commercial for processed, low quality, edible food like substances? Well, first of all, I'll admit I have a soft spot for Pop Tarts since I ate them a lot as a kid. I have, to this very day, been known to still enjoy an "organic toaster pastry" every now and then. But how can I show a commercial like this, and not only live with myself, but actually like it? The answer, my friends, is what this commercial doesn't do.

I love this ad because it does not make any health claims whatsoever. It does not say that Pop Tarts "start your day right" or "are a part of a balanced breakfast." It does not say that Pop Tarts may "lower your cholesterol" or "give you a serving of fruits and vegetables." No, this commercial is insanely honest. In fact, it doesn't even say that Pop Tarts are food at all! The only assertion it actually makes is that Pop Tarts are "made for fun." Fun...I can dig that.

Hey, why not? If you want to have a Pop Tart every now and then for "fun," then go right ahead! If it makes your kid smile, let them have one. Kelloggs all but admitted that they should be used as a treat and not a part of your daily diet, so let's take their word on it, and if you want to enjoy a bit of nostalgia, you have my seal of approval.


Unknown said...

Its so funny that you posted this because when I saw this commercial I actually thought of you and how it was a commercial one could not argue with (and I remember there always being pop tarts in your home!)

Damian Yerrick said...

When mommy's head is bigger than the kid's head, what message does this commercial put across? It looks to me like kids who eat Pop-Tarts toaster pastries end up with a swollen head. So of course they don't talk about health benefits.