Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a Coincidence!

Just a couple weeks ago I wrote an article about Julia Child's book My Life in France. I had no idea about a new movie coming out called, "Julie & Julia" until one of my readers (Cierra Pera from Cierra Pera Photography) sent me a link to this trailor:

I am totally excited about this movie! Not only is Meryl Streep the PERFECT actress to play the late, great Mrs. Julia Child, but I can so relate to this "Julie," who is blogging about french cuisine. In case you didn't know, this "365 days of Julia" challenge is no new feat. I know of many cooks- non bloggers and bloggers alike- that have done this. It is such a great way to challenge ones culinary experiences. I do plan on attempting it one day whit one of my favorites, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I will have to remember not to blog about it, though, as I see that's already been done.

It looks like a lovely movie, and I hope everyone goes to see it!


The Saunders said...

I am only shocked that you just now have heard about this! There has been talk of this movie out there for awhile now. You gotta get back to LA :)

Anonymous said...

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