Monday, June 08, 2009

Since We Must Work

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I envy those who do. Yes, I do love food, but that's still a very broad range of jobs. I know a girl a little bit younger that I am who has already worked at five star restaurants and is now touring Europe to learn new techniques. While I never really wanted to work in the restaurant industry, I still envy her passion. She knew what she wanted from the beginning.

As I said, I do have a passion for food, but so far being in an industrial kitchen full time has not become the end all of my culinary career. This website here had a small list of non-restaurant food jobs that have appeal. For example, the "household cook" is something that I often do in my job anyway, but it is not my entire job description.

I did actually come to a small conclusion about this as I was blogging the other day...I mean as I was writing about food, I realized what I might love do dive deeper into: writing about food! So don't be surprised if I start experimenting with strange subjects that go beyond good recipes (which I will still give you, of course, every time I make something I'm excited about). Come to think of it, I've written about some strange things already, so I don't think you will be surprised...


Cierra Pera said...

That is why I love your blog. You were always a wonderful writer and this blog is no different. I think that if your goal is to write an interesting food blog that runs a gamut of topics you have already begun! Remember that crazy poem you wrote about Bonnie and Clyde in sixth grade?? That is the Annika I know.

The Saunders said...

Thats what I have been saying!