Saturday, June 27, 2009

5 Year Anniversary Blowout Sale at Whole Foods Bellevue!!

I am soooo sorry I did not know to tell you about this earlier! Today I went to Whole Foods for some Mahimahi, and I was so pleasantly surprised to see the most incredible markdowns I've ever seen at that store.

Sorry if you are not in the Seattle area, but the sale is only at the Whole Foods Market in Bellevue in celebration of its five year anniversary. But if you are in the Seattle area, you have one more day (June 28th) to go. If you are a Whole Foods regular, if you only go for a treat, or if you never go because the prices make you want to throw up, NOW is the time to go.

Some of the highlights:

-Wild sockeye salmon $5.99 lb

-White Corn 5 for $1 (not organic, but for twenty cents

-Organic mini seedless watermelon $2 each

-Half flat of local, amazing strawberries $12.99

-64 oz tub of Nancy's plain yogurt $4.99

-Huge bags of Kettle Chips $2 each

-Papayas $1.00 each

-Smoked bacon $3 lb marked down from $6.99

-Hot italian sausage $3 lb marked down from $6.99

There were a ton of other less noteable markdowns on other fruits and veggies, as well, because apparently California was too hot to store a lot of its produce and they had to get rid of it fast. I love summer! Oh, and I literally had to tear myself away from the Dr. Haushka cosmetics, because they were all 50% off. I could have walked out with the entire store's supply if I didn't restrain myself (I did get mascara and facial mask).

Here is a photo of my haul:

Seriously, if you are able to- GO!

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