Thursday, June 18, 2009

A None Worse Fate Than This...

The Obama administration has been undoubtedly controversial from the very beginning. This spring, our first lady, Michelle Obama performed the most questionable act yet- she planted an organic garden on the Whitehouse lawn.

(pause to let everyone gasp and compose themselves)

You may think it can't get any worse, but Mrs. Obama even shamelessly used the help of a fifth grade elementary school class to plant some of the seeds. What is happening to our country???

Luckily, large companies across the country are speaking out against this horrifict demonstration. The Mid America CropLife Association, a group that represents agricultural and pesticide companies, had already written a letter to Mrs. Obama and the Whitehouse administration. “We live in a very different world than that of our grandparents. Americans are juggling jobs with the needs of children and aging parents,” the letter states. “The time needed to tend a garden is not there for the majority of our citizens, certainly not a garden of sufficient productivity to supply much of a family’s year-round food needs.” Also, thankfully, the MACA (who I would like to again remind you represents Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences and DuPont Crop Protection) is looking out for the American people by reminding Mrs. Obama of all the important uses of chemicals and pesticides in agriculture. She really should have thought harder about the example she was going to be on the country.

Naturally, the MACA is not the only organization that has a problem with our President's wife publically planting and eating local and organic foods. Xavier Equihua, who represents the Chilean Exporters Association as well as the Chilean Avocado Committee, would like to remind you all of the dangerous consequences of eating locally. The main problem, he says, is that local food is seasonal. For example, avocadoes grow in California during the summer months. Same with grapes. "What happens if you want some grapes during the month of December?" says Equihua. "What are you going to do? Not eat grapes?"

Not eat grapes? NOT EAT GRAPES?!?!? How would we survive??? What is this world coming to?? Oh the horrors! Shame on you, Michelle Obama! I sincerely hope that these honest, upstanding, and hard working companies have reminded you that you are a public example and will have an effect on the actions of consumers across the country. Please think next time before you plant!

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