Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Domino Magazine Closing!

BOO! Next to Gourmet, this was my favorite magazine!

I suppose that I should feel blessed that my favorite magazine folding is the worst I have experienced in this recession thus far. But it's still very sad! Domino is the only magazine of it's kind. There is a HUGE market for young, urban decorators with a mid-income level, and Domino is (was) the only one magazine for us!

Every Domino issue always had a great section about entertaining. What I loved about it was that it always focused on eating food with friends, and enjoying the time with people around you. Not to mention the recipes were really good (like the blueberry tart pictured above). I was just about to cut up my stack of 30+ Dominos for my book of inspiration. I think now I'll keep them whole!

Go to the website and print your favorite recipes for as long as you can!


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The Saunders said...

oh NO!I had not heard that! What am I going to do? I have all my ideas saved on their website.......oh dear oh dear oh dear.