Friday, January 30, 2009

Soooo Worth It!

I feel like I've been advertising a lot lately.  I've had many links to Gourmet Magazine, pastry school, and lots of fun little (and big) kitchen items to buy.  Please know that no matter what I write about that I mean it. 

Now, those of you who know me well also know that, next to God and my personal relationships, my three main loves in this world are as follows:

1. Toby (my dog)
2. Food
3. Shopping

Hence the links and posts of many a great thing that I have bought or wish to buy.  Believe it or not I am discerning about the things I purchase.  I only buy what I love and/or what makes me very happy to own.  So, I will tell you, what makes me very happy to own is this:

Bob Kramer for Shun 8" Chef's knife from Sur La Table. 

I received this for Christmas this past year, and I have to say it is one of the awesomest Christmas presents I have ever received.  If you are curious who Bob Kramer is, he is pretty famous among chefs for being the last of his kind.  He hand makes knives to personally fit each and every buyer for a very costly price.  Bob Kramer had a 3-5 year waiting list, until he cut off orders completely.  In order to keep up with demand, however, he teamed up with the Japanese knife company Shun (and apparently Sur La Table, also), taught about 100 Japanese dudes everything he knows, and put them all to work hand making the knife you see above- my beloved knife- and others.  

So you still may be thinking, "A $350 knife!? What the heck is the big deal?"  If you've ever had a nice knife, you know the big deal.  It's like the difference between a Fisher Price stethoscope and the ones the doctors actually use (I know you know what I'm talking about).  It made all my other knives feel like toys.  So, what's a girl to do?  Save up all my pennies until today came, when I finally had enough to go out and buy my knife's 'mini me.'  

Shun by Bob Kramer 3 1/4" Paring Knife

With this duo, I am unstoppable.  I feel like the super hero "Knife Girl."  I really don't think I need anything else in my kitchen.  Except maybe the bread knife from the set... and the honing steel....

I know, I know not everyone can, or cares to, go spend this kind of money on cutlery.  Please, though, take my advice and buy the best you can, and care to, afford.  There's no one who doesn't love a good knife...once you know what a good knife is!


The Saunders said...

poor raj....didn't make the list......

Naka and Raj said...

I said NEXT to my personal relationships!!

The Saunders said...

missed that part. sorry!