Saturday, January 24, 2009

Orla Kiely For Target!

Right now home design and fashion blogs across the internet are peeing their pants in celebration, and I'm about to join them! (In the celebration- not the pants peeing). Orla Keily, a unique and fairly popular designer (well, I guess VERY popular now) has collaborated with Target to make one of those designer-label-for-cheap lines that gets people very excited. Except this is all for home and kitchen!

Orla Keily is most known for her was adorable prints- like the print on the wallpaper in my living room.

They are sort of things that Anthropologie sells, and I've seen her purses at Nordstrom and other department stores. In my very humble opinion, some of her stuff, although oh so cute, is pretty overpriced, which is what makes this so darned fun!

They go on sale in February (a good break of color and happiness for this depressing time of year, I think). I guarantee this is going to fly off the shelves into the hands of crazy, design obsessed recessionistas all over the country. Go get it, but no biting!

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Cierra Pera said...

I want to see pictures of your house! What is this wallpaper you speak off? BTW- thanks for posting often. I read and reread your stuff during the 3am feedings.