Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Princess Pub

We ended up at the Princess pub this past weekend and man were we not impressed!

It just isn't a pub! Not cozy enough, too loud, too much like a bar. There is no ugly carpet, and all the waitresses are too trendy- as are many of the clientele.

I mean can you imagine in a real British pub someone ordering a Mimosa! Sure there were some good ales and Whiskeys to choose from, but I need more from a pub. I need a little peace, I need old and young gathering together. I need those who don't drink beer to be tortured by the lack of options.

Then there was the food- please don't call the French Fries chips unless they really are going to be. My excitement was met with extreme disappointment after seeing the plate of wrongly cooked potatoes served up in front of me. The Malt vinegar a bit of a saving grace, but really needed much squidgier chips to complement. The food of course, just like the Shakespeare pub was over priced. Fish and Chips is supposed to cost a couple of quid- not ten dollars (even with this dreadful exchange rate).

Yes, so definitely unimpressed, and to add insult to injury the worst service I have had in a long time. After placing a complicated drink order I politely asked the waitress if she had 6 drinks written down. I was trying to help her. She snappily replied that yes she did and so imagine my annoyance (not to mention the person's whose drink was missing) when she came back with 5.

We will not be heading back to the Princess soon!


Anonymous said...

We've had more luck in the shakespeare, although I'm very much looking forward to trying 'Jaynes Gastropub' or whatever its called in North Park. I dont know anywhere in England where you can buy fish and chips for 2 quid. I'll need a second mortgage when I go back this spring!!!

milsom said...

thanks for the review. i have wondered about his place, but now i know not to bother!

Alice Q. Foodie said...

I think that Shakespeare is probably a better pub - but no question San Diego could use some more entries in this category. We are going to Jayne's for their first night of dinner service, and it looks promising so far (based on lunch) I've also heard there are some decent pubs in North County, if you're willing to go that far.

Anonymous said...

Went to Jaynes Gastropub and loved it. Very beautiful decor, and the food was really good. Reminds me of a classic San francisco or NYC bistro, the kind of place san diego currently lacks. Very reasonably priced and the owners run the place very well. look forward to going again.

Anonymous said...

I have never really loved the princess pub. The food is not that great, and I think there are better options in little italy. Jaynes gastropub is a place I went to just recently. I was very happy with the overall experience. Very friendly owners who make you feel very welcome. The food is very interesting as well.