Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back in the USA

Well we are back from our trip, and lots of fun we had too.

Let me see... some of the culinary highlights:

Well Christmas specialties to note which we don't have as much over here:

Mince Pies for those of you who don't know these are small cup cake sized pies full of 'mincemeat' which is basically raisins, peal, some apples I think and other stuff. I like Mr Kiplings the best although home made ones can be good too- fresh out the oven.

Christmas Pudding- a huge pudding again made of raisins and other dried fruits and things, full of copious amounts of alcohol which is then lit on fire when served. apparently these puddings can be kept for years so long as you 'water' them with alcohol, something I find really quite odd.

With Christmas Pudding you have the Brandy Butter - my favorite. Basically butter mixed with confectioners sugar and brandy. It is so good I would eat it with everything.

Christmas Cake- well this we have over here, but is viewed as quite a delicacy over there. I think they put more effort in and the puddings are always much more moist and tasty than ones I have had here. They often eat this with a strong cheddar cheese which can be surprisingly good.

Hmmm Brussel Sprouts much more prevalent (yuk!)

Trifle- as you will know from the Friends episode this is a dessert with layers of cake, cream, fruits and custard (minus the mince and onions Rachel). It's really very good and the chocolate variety even better.

Christmas Crackers- well this is not food but goes along with meals. These are little wrapped cylinders that you pull at meal times. They each contain a joke, a party hat a snap (which goes bang when you pull the cracker) and a gift. The funniest crackers we had this year had whistles in them each with a different note. One person was assigned to be the conductor and to tell people when to play their notes- the aim being to put together a Christmas tune (the reality being painful and hilarious all at the same time!)

Okay so thats me with the Christmas specialties- I will be back with more highlights tomorrow.

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