Sunday, February 04, 2007

Stuffed Cucumbers

Got some really great cucumbers today and cooked up one of my favorite dishes I haven't made in a while.

2 Large Cucumbers

1 Small Avocado

Lemon Juice

2oz Butter

1 Shallot

1 Small Egg (beaten)

Salt and Pepper

1oz Soft Cheese


1, Cut each cucumber into 3 lengths. Cut a V-wedge out of each length and remove cucumber seeds.

2, Chop the removed wedges roughly

3, Steam the cucumber lengths for 12-15 minutes.

4, Save 6 thin slices of avocado, and chop the remaining flesh roughly.

5, Heat the butter in a small pan, add the chopped cucumber and shallot and cook for 5 minutes.

6, Remove from the heat and add the avocado, egg and seasoning. The egg should become lightly scrambled.

7, Spoon the mixture into the cucumber lengths, scatter with cheese. Serve with the avocado slices.

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