Thursday, January 25, 2007

Veg N Out

Just visited Veg N Out and Loved it . A really great place to take my veggie wife. The only problem she had was choosing between the wealth of options- as I think I have mentioned before she has a bit of a hard time at restaurants that offer her more than two dishes- maybe this is why she become vegetarian in the first place?
Anyway the menu consists of all vegetarian and vegan options- mainly burgers, but also many sandwiches, salads and some soups. Everything is very healthily prepared using canola and olive oil only, unrefined sugar and always serving burgers in wholewheat buns. We went for the Treehugger burger and the 30th street special. With the burger there was the choice of potato wedges (which looked amazing) or a side salad. So here I am thinking the side salad will be the usual few leaves topped with a little grated carrot. Wow was I mistaken- the side salad was one of the best I have ever had- full of broccoli, sprouts, tomatoes and all sorts of good stuff, and topped with a balsamic-berry dressing. The burgers themselves were equally good- slightly too big to fit comfortably in the mouth being the only problem. All ingredients were fresh and of really great quality. My wife felt it was easily the best veggie burger she had had in San Diego.

So we will be going back over and over again to this place- especially as it is locate din our native North Park. The only slight quibble would be the service is a little slow- but then this is not fast food, it is fresh and hand prepared to order- I was happy to wait.

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