Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bamboo Lounge Revisted

Well, I would like to quickly update my previous review of Bamboo lounge- which we visited at its very beginning enticed by a fictitious coupon and then encouraged to stay by the offer of a VIP lounge and free appetizer. Of course I was happy with Bamboo lounge the first time around- (although the wine knowledge was sadly lacking) but I was certainly not enthralled. A second visit has left me much more satisfied.
Planning to meet a friend at Baja Betty's we were a little dismayed to see the wait for anything would be 20 minutes ( although we were slightly cheered up by the rumor of a 20 minute wait at Ono Sushi). The next available place to step in for a little while was the bamboo lunge- although a little hesitant at first I was pleased to see the bar was buzzing with customers- not too many customers in the style of Wine Steels but definitely enough for a nice atmosphere. Projectors and screens were showing interesting visuals, and the presence of people made me somehow more excited for us to find a really comfy spot with couches and cushions for all. Best still was the service. As my friends made their way over to the bar to order I lingered at our table chatting. Seeing the waiter heading over our way I assumed he was coming to as for the inevitable ID card, and was pleasantly surprised therefore when he came bearing glasses, and promptly poured us both some wine. The wine wasn't bad either- and certainly excellent for the price.
So, all this to say- Bamboo is definitely going up in the world, and is certainly somewhere I would be extremely happy to bring guests and friends to for a pre-dinner drink.

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