Friday, May 26, 2006

You've gotta love the Linkery

I just received my e-mail update from The Linkery, and I am just so impressed with everything they are doing. I love the way they run their business, genuinely seeming to care about the local community and most importantly with the quality of the product that they offer.

Two great things that they have announced-

1, They will start serving breakfast on Monday nights! This is genius and I love it. They just couldn't handle the big crowds for breakfast before, and wanting to maintain a high level of service just stopped serving it. Now there will be breakfast instead between 9.00-11.00pm on Mondays- We'll definitely be hitting it up for the famous biscuits and gravy.

2, They are showing all the world cup matches (that's soccer to all who aren't in the know). We had been planning to head down the Shakespeare Pub for all the big matches. I guess we still might for the England matches, should be a good atmosphere. But The Linkery will be much more fun- a great international eclectic crowd- plus we won't have to cough up for the massively over priced fish and chips. (The Shakespeare should be ashamed of themselves!).

Anyway, I encourage you all to sign up for The Linkery Newsletter, and of course to get down there ASAP

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