Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PF Chang's

Following our recent appreciation of chain restaurants we headed over to P F Chang's last night with our neighbors. We had often flirted with a trip to P F chang's but for whatever reason had never quite made it. To be honest I didn't really kno what to expect. I certainly wasn't ready for the extremely elegant dining room, and the numerous guests dressed in thier fanciest clothes. I had also thought it just sold cheap Chinese food.
I hadn't had Chinese food for a very long time- there is one main reason for this: my wife. It's not that she doesn't like Chinese Food, but simply that of all the cuisines in the world Chinese probably does the worst job of accomodating vegetarians. No actually scratch that- Brazil was worse, but still Chinese can be pretty terrible. I am reminded in particualr of a trip to a vegetarain Dim Sum restaurant in Vancouver B.C.- which was one of the most disgusting meals I have ever been served.
We had checked the menu before and found that P F Chang's had a whole range of vegetarian items. The reason for this is really due to the fact that the restaurant is not strictly speaking Chinese, but more of a general Asian food place with a Chinese focus.
We decided to order seperae dishes and then just get tastes of each other's food. I was very quick in choosing the Mongolian Beef, my wife got a Coconut vegetable curry and the others the Spicey fish and a Chinese Chicken dish. To start we had some crab wontons.
The food was all excellent, I was so impressed. The wontons seemed to hae much more filling and to be softer and more appertising than any wontons I had eaten before. The Mongolian Beef was cooked really well, and everyone elses dishes were just great. Im not realy a fan of fish, but was assured that the spicey fish was a really top notch dish- repeatedly ordered on every visit.

So- another chain restaurant, another success.

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