Thursday, May 04, 2006

OB people's food co-op

We had to head over the ocean beach tonight anyhow, and seeing as we were there we finally made it to the Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market. We had heard rave reviews about the co-op and had been meaning to head over there for several weeks.
The co-op is of course owned by its members with a 10% added cost to the shopping bills of non-members. All the food is organic and vegetarian, some of it of course being vegan. The produce is fresh and wholesome looking, and you can pick up items such as tahini which I sometimes have trouble finding even at Whole Foods (does no one make their own hummus anymore?). I was impressed by the Co-op, they are the only community owned grocery outlet in San Diego, and they stay loyal to their cause, making profit only to support the running of the store. I was a little disappointed in their ethos- all thoughts seems to flow towards being organic and GM free. In my mind issues such as food miles are much more important- locally grown food being not only better for the environment but generally more tasty also.
Upstairs at the Co-op there is a little deli were you can sit and eat vegan and vegetarian entrees. We chose some cashew carrot salad, a baby bean salad, some sesame tofu and a massala rice dish. they were all fantastic, as was the "goddess dressing" which took its base from avocadoes.
Unfortunately we do not live too near Ocean Beach, but if we did we would certainly sign up for membership right away.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that their new building (as of a few years ago) has a bunch of solar panels on the room and last I was there, had a little display where you can view the power coming in from it.

Anonymous said...

this is SO good to learn! being new to san diego (and even newer to OB - we're moving there in a week) we haven't a clue about the really good places to get fresh local produce at reason prices! Thank you!