Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Asian Bistro

Time for another restaurant review-
After glowing reviews from our friends we picked the newly opened Asian Bistro on 5th and University for tonight's dinner. As we walked up to the restaurant we noticed a car alarm going off- we exchanged remarks to the extent that we hoped it stopped soon as it seemed to be parked pretty close to our destination. It was, it was parked exactly opposite the restaurant, and unfortunately, no it did not stop anytime soon. The alarm went on for another 30 minutes or so, and such was the efficiency at the Asian Bistro that we had finished our entree before the time the owner returned back to his car. By this time, I, and apparently several other people had notified the police, and the streets were lined with angry people. I have to say I was impressed that no one quite got angry enough to come out with a sledge hammer.
Anyway back to the Asian Bistro. It is a great little restaurant- open until 3 am for those of you who need such services. The decor inside was pleasant and I am sure would have been calming if it were not for the irritating alarm. The wait staff were very friendly and courteous, and the kitchen staff obviously very quick as I mentioned previously. My wife was impressed to see all vegetarian dishes were prepared in separate cookware to meat dishes, and made with vegetable stocks and sauces. The menu is a collection of the multitude of Asian cuisines, and had a lot to offer. We had a difficult time choosing but settled on the Drunken Noodles, and a Chinese Eggplant dish. The food excellent, very nicely presented without being over the top $15 a plate attractive. Everything tasted good- fairly simple fare, no surprises, but good tasty food. Our one regret was having ordered no appetizers- normally I get so full up at Asian restaurants with the family sized portions, however the portions here were moderately sized and the selection of appetizers enticing. We shall definitely go back- hopefully for a more peaceful dinner.

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