Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So I don't normally review Chain Restaurants, for the simple reason that we don't usually go to many. However we met our friends today who had spent the whole day packing up a truck to move to Phoenix, and we needed to go somewhere easy, and of mutual distance between our two houses- Chilli''s seemed to fit the bill.
We arrived early, and were shocked to find the La Mesa Chili's had a line all out the door (on a Wednesday night?). However due to the ingenious invention of the buzzer system we could hapily wait at the bar until our table was ready (35 mins later).

The staff of course were wonderully friendly as you wuld expect in a restaurant such a chillis, and the atmosphere was fun. We sat down and ordered some sort of standard fare- Fajitas, burgers, fries, that sort of thing. As the more considerate chains do these days any burger could be made vegetarian with a bean pattie, which bumped up the veggie options quite a bit. Always good for keeping the peace!

The food came, it was all good, above average for a chain restaurant- of course nothing really groundbreaking, but tasty, satisfying and filling.

Next time we are on a road trip we certainly will give Chilli's another go. It's right up there with Red Robin

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