Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cafe Pomegranate

My sister in law has recently arrived in town and I have therefore been a little lax in posting the last couple of days. However we did have a really fabulous meal at Cafe Pomegranate this weekend.
Cafe Pomegranate is the perfect neighborhood restaurant- conveniently located just close to our house, quirky, friendly great food and not too expensive. We had visited the restaurant once before- vowed to go back immediately, but for a myriad of uninteresting reasons, had not been back again until this weekend.

The wait staff are impeccable at Cafe Pomegranate- courteous, but real people - not just blank faces smiling their smiles and refilling glasses to get the highest tip they can manage.

The restaurant is Russian/ Georgian cuisine, with a strong focus on pomegranates, which are the nation symbol of Georgia. Our waitress told us that in Georgia when you want to wish someone luck or happiness you give them a pomegranate saying I hope you have as much luck as there are seeds in a pomegranate- an interesting bit of folklore I had never heard before- I fact I must confess I didn't know that pomegranates even grew in Georgia, let alone had such a strong association with their culture.

The restaurant, as I said is very quirky, guests have been allowed to graffiti all over the walls, lamps and ceiling- leaving an interesting array of thoughts for one to read whilst one eats- some of it profound, some of it distinctly less so.

We ordered the salad sampler to start- a delicious platter of unusual garlicky salads from Russia and Georgia which we had eaten on our previous visit. It was just as delicious as the first time, and perhaps too much so- by the time our main courses arrived we were far too full to eat more than a few mouthfuls. It was a wise decision however as main courses, although pleasant enough were not to the standard of the appetizers.

Still, we love Cafe Pomegranate- for the atmosphere if nothing else. A big thumbs up to our local neighborhood restaurant.

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