Tuesday, April 11, 2006


We spent much of this weekend BBQing in the sun. I was reflecting on how having a BBQ has meant such different things at different places I have lived around the world.

In Brazil the Churrasco which basically meant that a cow was killed and then put on a large skewer and cooked for hours with very little seasoning. It was a treat that local people adored- the meat always being served with the traditional beans, rice and a tomato and cilantro salad. I was not so favorably impressed.

In England the BBQs are always charcoal- a gas grill wouldn't even be considered a BBQ. I'm sure things are not always this bad but in my experience the BBQ has consisted of meat cooked to a cinder (to make sure we don't all die from salmonella) served with coleslaw, potato salad ketchup and nasty white burger buns.

I have to say that although I am not normally this loyal to my country I do prefer a good ole American BBQ. Steaks marinated and cooked to perfection on a gas grill, skewers of vegetables- peppers, Vidalia onions, portabella mushrooms; chicken kabobs - and best of all our latest addition grilled halloumi cheese (not quite American but oh well :-)

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