Sunday, April 30, 2006

Big Kitchen

This morning we headed out for breakfast at Big Kitchen in Southpark. Southpark is such a great neighborhood- definitely somewhere we are thinking of moving to. It has such a friendly, relaxed feel combined with that of the intellectual arty crowd more commonly found in Seattle or Portland. Big Kitchen is known as one of the best breakfast places in San Diego- the fact that Whoopi Goldberg used to wash dishes there further adds to its fame.
We were prepared for a fair wait outside the 'Kitchen'- but were happy to do so, coffee is usually available, and waiting in the San Diego sunshine never unenjoyable. When we arrived however, we were pleasantly surprised to be seated immediately and sat down a cute little wooden booth. the atmosphere inside was great, with lots of quirky customers, and walls filled with interesting bumper stickers, photos (of Whoopi of course) and various random pieces of memorabilia.
The menus arrived and we were pretty much blown array with the vast number of choices - including 'favorite breakfasts' of regular and famous diners. After a good amount of umming and arring we settled on the Mexican omlette and the spinach and cheese egg scramble.
the food arrived and was very tasty- very nice portion sizes, just enough to fill you up, but not so much that you spend you entire Sunday bloated and regretting the indulgent breakfasting. The home made salsa which accompanied the food was delicious, as was the spicy ketchup. Everything seemed very fresh and well cared for. The staff were delightful, although the busy nature of Sunday morning breakfasting meant that we were not always taken care of as often as we would have liked. At the end of the meal came a blow that I had been slightly anticipating- the restaurant accepted no credit card. I really think this is pretty disgraceful in this day and age- if you want to charge $8-$9 a plate for breakfast you really shouldn't expect people to have to carry around that sort of cash in thier pockets. This is a big international city, and the restaurant is a well known, successful business that really can afford to offer its customers that sort of convenience. The lack of which I find to be a slight arrogance on the part of the proprietors and which, despite the good food, leaves a slightly bad taste in the mouth.

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