Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gulf Coast Grill Part II

We wanted to take my British sister in law out for breakfast this morning-a very American thing to do. The most famous place in San Diego for breakfast is Hash House A Go Go in Hillcrest- we have visited it before and had a great- (although slightly over -priced) breakfast. Hash House has a policy of no reservations and every morning on the weekend you will see lots of young hillcrest residents standing on the street waiting for a table. We knew this- but figured we would bring along our sudokus, wait in the sun and it would all be okay. When we arrived however, the lines were even greater than anticipated- seemingly twice as long as our previous 35 minute wait..... Hash House is good- but not that good. Casting around for an alternative we remember that Gulf Coast Grill had seemed to have a pretty interesting breakfast menu and headed right on over. We arrived and saw to our immediate relief that there was no wait at all, although there were plenty of happy parties tucking in to their morning meal. We settled down at our table and were taken care of by a very attentive waiter who was always there when you needed him, but never overbearing. We ordered mimosas to drink and celebrate the end of a great weekend. To eat we persuaded my sister in law to get biscuits and gravy- a very American treat which she greatly enjoyed. My wife got a farmers market omelet filled with vegetables and I tried the chorizo and egg tacos. My dish was unfortunately slightly disappointing- the beans tasted very bizarre- however to the credit of the restaurant my waiter whipped them away as soon as I had shown my displeasure and soon returned with a very passable substitute. The others enjoyed their food and the check when it arrived was, once again reasonable. on the whole the experience was not a rival with Hash House- but considering the lack of wait and the good prices we were happy with our choice.

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