Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I just died in your arms tonight this morning

Ooooh Portland, how you tempt me. Besides having a plethora of beautiful old houses well within our price range of affordability, you also have some fantastic food (also well within our price range of affordability).

I just could not believe the prices when we went to the Waffle Window on Saturday morning. I really did just about die...but let me back up. The Waffle Window is exactly what it sounds like...a window...that sells waffles...with a couple of tables set up outside to eat on. I was snobbily reluctant to eat there when it was suggested to me, but I went along and am so glad I did. These are no ordinary waffles. Let me explain by telling you what we ordered.

Raj and I shared the "Farm Fusion"

{mushrooms, spinach, roasted peppers, tomatoes, bacon, and marinated chevre}

And the "Granola and Fruit Waffle"

{house made granola, vanilla yogurt, seasonal fresh fruit}

And though we were absolutely stuffed after these two, still ordered a banana nutella waffle for dessert.

{exactly what it looks like}

Our total bill? $13. Oooh, Portland, you do tempt me so.


Joe Cramer said...

YAY Portland!!! I need to try the waffle window when I go back! I'm absolutely in love with the food trailers there too. It sounds a lot like the waffle window. There are several blocks devoted to selling a wide variety of international food. So good! and so affordable. Next time your there you need to get lunch at the trailers! They're between 9th and 11th on SW Alder...there are other groups of trailers, but this is the biggest bunch, i think!

The Saunders said...

I read this post a little while ago but I am reading it again and it is making me soooooo hungry for these waffles specifically :)