Friday, September 17, 2010

Healthy Peruvian Asparagus Locavore Mathematician Bitches

I am beginning to have a reasonably sized collection of articles that I want to share with you. Some I have gotten from friends, some I have found on my own, some I can't even remember where they came from. I haven't shared any yet, because I was having a hard time figuring out how to present them to you. One link per post doesn't seem like a sufficient blog, but it's hard to put them together, also.

But all that is not important. What is important is the contents of these articles, which I find informative and thought provoking. The three I am bringing you today really have no like themes whatsoever (hence the blog title). Some may even disagree at points. What they do have in common is that they all must be read critically, letting you, the reader, form your own conclusions on the matter. Hopefully they will spur you on to think for yourself. Can you do it??

Are toxins making you fat? Comes from the co-author of the semi-famous book Skinny Bitch. The two girls who wrote it certainly practice what they preach, and it's working for them, so I feel what they say must have some merit.

Math Lessons for Locavores was in the NY Times a while back. It's an interesting take on eating local- or at least one's environmental motivations for doing so.

And speaking of environmental issues, who knew asparagus would be one? This article explains how regions of Peru are in danger of permanently damaging water supplies in order to grow and feed the world (Namely, GB) asparagus. I'm not saying we need to stop eating asparagus from Peru, but I do think it's a good reminder of mindful consumerism. Everything you do, including eating vegetables, can have an impact.

That should keep you busy for a while!

PS. Just for fun, I googled the title of this blog and decided to post the #1 image that came up. It was Top Chef (I think?)

Is that host, Padma, Peruvian or something?

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