Thursday, September 09, 2010

Me and Goji

I am still trying to decide what I think about this....It's quite a brilliant business idea. At you can build your own custom cereal. You pick your own personal base, flavors, and add-ons...and you can name your own cereal, too! The ingredients are, indeed, whole and healthy.

Here's where someone got smart. Just for fun, I made a mix online. It's like ordering a pizza, but with cereal. Oh! Cocoa nibs I love those! Mmmm goji berries are so healthy. Well, this all needs a little nutmeg and cinnamon...and quinoa flakes for protein. And pouf! There you have an $11 cereal. Plus $4.99 shipping. In their defense, the ever so modern "cereal capsule" does hold about twice as much as a normal box of cereal, but that's still for at least three times as much money. Even for a high quality cereal.

I am inspired, though, to go to my local natural food store and make the same cereal out of the bulk section. I'm craving it now, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

You might want to check out in Europe to see how 'innovative' me&goji really is...