Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hot Buttered Toast

For a few weeks I have been meaning to blog about toast. I was just about to write about it, when I noticed that Molly from Orangette had beat me to it. But I want you to know, toast was my own idea...if toast could be anyone's idea. I think that's the think about toast.

Who is the pig in the picture you ask? Why, that's Mercy Watson. You see, I have a little friend* who loves to read Mercy Watson books. Mercy is a porcine wonder who lives at 14 Deckawoo Drive and loves stacks of hot buttered toast.** She gets in to all kinds of mischief and trouble, but unfailingly seems to find a way to resolve each situation by sitting around the table with friends and eating hot buttered toast. Sometimes I will read the books to my friend before he takes a nap. Every time I then go downstairs and fix myself some hot buttered toast.

I will say it again- hot buttered toast. Now, you tell me if you can read that phrase over and over again and not begin to crave the crispy, golden, savory flavor. Oh, you can spread jam on it if you like. It is your toast after all. I, however, like it plain in the afternoon with some sweetened black tea...and guess where I'm going right now....

*He's 3, and today happens to be his birthday, which is why I was thinking about it in the first place.

** Can you tell I 've read these a lot?

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Raquel Stecher said...

Have you checked out ? It's got a toast catching game. :-)

I love my toast with salted butter. Mmm...