Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why I Love....Greek Yogurt

We have a lovely home, but it's not huge. In order to keep it comfortable I need to be very selective about what I keep in here.  What I'm saying is that I don't like single use items. Everything I have from clothes to kitchen utensils must be able to multitask.  

I looked at the the ingredients of a serving of strawberry yogurt- which is not a multitasking food.  Have you ever looked at the nutrition facts of flavored yogurt? SO MUCH SUGAR!!! A single serving of flavored yogurt can have anywhere from 20 to 40 grams of sugar, and if I'm going to eat something that full of sugar it had sure better be something gooey, delicious and satisfying.  Let me rephrase this for those of you watching your weight- flavored yogurt is NOT  a diet food.

So anyway, I tried to like plain yogurt.  I tried oh so hard.  I know that they eat it all over the world and I sure like it in smoothies, but the plain tart yogurt never did it for me.  Enter Greek Yogurt.  I don't know about all Greek Yogurts, but there's this brand called 'Fage' (pronounced "fah-ye") that I am totally addicted to.  You see, when you buy the full fat version (none of this 2% or non-fat business), you get an entirely rich treat without all the sugar.  Yes, yes, it's fattening, but if you compare it to how much fat a piece of cake or a dollop of sour cream have, it's nothin'!

So back to the multitasking thing.  This yogurt is so amazing that (on top of being healthy because of the live cultures) it can go from sweet to savory with little effort.  It's an awesome replacement for sour cream (put in on your Mexican food!), regular yogurt (Indian food!), creme fraiche (French food), cheese (Greek food), or whipped cream (any dessert).  But most often I end up eating it with a spoonful of honey and some berries, and it becomes the perfect dessert.  Or add granola, and it's the perfect breakfast!

My favorite uses are:

-Like I just mentioned, to replace sour cream.  Mix it with salsa and it makes a great dip.
-Also, as aforementioned, with honey it's a fantastic any time treat or healthy dessert.
-Mix with walnuts and crumbled feta for a pita dip.
-Put a spoonful on pies and fruity desserts instead of whipped cream. Or dip fruit in it. mmm.

So anyway, I'm pretty sure you can get it at most grocery stores, but if you can't try to find your own brand and let me know how  it tastes!

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