Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kitchen Wish Lust...oops I mean LIST no. 2

I told you I'd have more. This list will be shorter than the last one....maybe.

Rubbermaid Pan Organizer. $10. Seriously....infinite uses. I'll take four.

Hand thrown mug. $11. I just love cozy mugs!

Baked cookbook. $20. Heard this one's a winner.

Spice Rack. $29. It fits on your shelf, pulls out, AND folds down! Yes way!

Jill Rosenwald Ritz Tray. $56. Have you ever looked at It's pretty cool.

All Clad Waffler. $179. I just want perfect, crispy, square waffles. Is that too much to ask?

Granite Countertops for 1/5 of the price!! The catch? Oh, only that you have to install it yourself. I'm sure I could do it in just a few minutes.

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