Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Eats

We haven't been eating out too much lately as time money and vague concerns about health have been keeping us back. In fact health has been high on our minds leading to a cut down in carbs and fatty foods and an increase in veggies and green tea (among other things).
Anyhow the superbowl, being with friends we decided we had to relax our controls a little, without going the whole way down the cheese smothered nachos and sickeningly greasy burgers route.
We ended up making our own burgers, pairing them with some great whole wheat buns, pickles, lettuce tomatoes- the full works. On the side we got some of those wonderful Trader Joes chips which are made from Soy and supplemented with flax seed (what could be better than healthy chips). The best part however was the bean dip we concocted- purely accidental so let me see if I can recollect what we did.....
The night before we soaked some black beans, and them cooked them in the pressure cooker the next day. We sauted an onion and then added the prepared beans. To these whole beans we added half a tin of Trader Joes refried (fat free) black beans - I guess to improve the texture. Then as fat free is no fun at all for the superbowl we added some strong cheddar cheese- finely grated and melted into the beans. At this point we also mixed in cumin, ground black pepper and a generous amount of salt. Then came in a surprise ingredient my wife read somewhere of a half a tin of chopped tomatoes- I was skeptical but it actually worked! Finally we threw in 3 chopped fresh green chillies and 4 cloves chopped garlic.
The result was sublime- definitely the best part of our superbowl party and a recipe we will be (attempting) to recreate- I am sure I missed out something here!

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Well, it's been a fun year with you. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the wonderful tips and reviews! Keep it up!