Friday, February 09, 2007

Wine Cabana

We have a found a really great new little place to get a glass of wine after work- The Wine Cabana in Old Town. Now you may be surprised to hear of a wine bar in Old Town, and I was certainly happy to discover a place which wouldn't stuff tortilla chips in your face whilst serving up over price Margaritas. Still the wine bar isn't really doing to well at making itself noticed in a section of town where it is a rare and welcome commodity. In fact, although we knew the bar was there, after finding ti on the internet- we had to drive past three times before actually figuring out the location. A very small rectangular sign finally told us we had found our quarry.
The bar is nice, with a decor almost exactly the same as the Lei Lounge in University Heights (they must have had the same designer) yet a much more chilled out feel. Tiki torches were in abundance as were space heaters which came very welcome on the quite chilly February evenings we have been experiencing. More surprising to me yet was the price- flights of wine (the equivalent of two glasses) ranged from $10 to $25, with many flights at the lower end of this spectrum. A shock in an area which usually aims to fleece tourists for all they can get. My wife and I both chose a different flight and although not all the wines were great there were a couple of really fantastic ones. Most of all this was just a pleasant place to be- the service was just wonderful (perhaps partly as there were very few customers) and the furniture very comfortable- a stark difference from the crowded Wine Steals whose hard seats do not invite prolonged stays.
So- we are excited as wine Cabana settles in I can only imagine that things will improve, I only hope it doesn't get too popular. Now I know where the bar is its poor signage is something of a blessing!

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