Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Nothing too exciting for dinner tonight- just the usual stand back of pasta pesto, a few veggies thrown in and a bit of protein.

Our basil supply is still doing us proud- we have two full planters full of the stuff- mostly genovese, but some thai and some red ruffles. On our windowsill is also another basil container- I passed it by yesterday, noticed it was a little short and was shocked to see a giant green caterpillar chomping away to his heart's content. I have set the cats out there to chase him away, although I doubt this will work!

Anyway I am loving the profusion of basil, something I have dreamed of ever since we saw a similar set up in Italy. We also have our pine nut stash from costco- so any time to want Pesto we can just throw everything in the blender and hey presto! Personally I often admit the Parmesan and Pecorrino- we add cheese to our food after serving so often that it seems too much to put cheese in the pesto as well.


Anonymous said...

i have to admit, during the summer, i can't get enough pesto to satisfy me. It simple, it's delicious. It's simply delicious :-)

PATHKID said...

my basil plants seem to wilt all the it not enough water? I give it like a 8oz cup full everyday.