Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cane's Bar and Grill

The plan was this morning to get up early and head out for breakfast at the Broken Yolk. Unfortunately Sunday beign the only day in the week I can sleep in, things didn't quite go as planned and we were going to be facing some horrific lines with the sunday mornign breakfast crowd. The Broken yolk still seemed like a possible option- it is one of the 'famous' breakfast places in San Diego that we have yet to go to, it certainly has a lot of intersting options, including the rather nasty idea of 12 eggs and a pile of biscuits that only cost you $1.95 if you eat them all alone in 1 hour. Still a fun place to go prehaps- until we looked at the reviews.... it seems that this is one of those places that lives on its reputation and doesn't do a great deal to earn its keep. We read of 45 minute waits for food after being seated, rude wait staff and mediocre food. Well I won't say too much until we have tried it ourselves, but it was certainly enough to put us off.
We looked through our coupon book and found we had a 2 for 1 breakfast coupon at Cane's bar and grill in Mission Beach- not a place known for its breakfast so we figured there wouldn't eb a long wait. We were correct in our thinking, and also fortunate enough to get an easy parking space, and of course a great sea view whilst we ate. Okay it wasn't the greatest breakfast ever, the coffee was pretty bad, and the menu certainly not extensive or creative. However the food was good enough- certainly for the price. I got the breakfast burrito, which was really good actually, and my wife got a veggie omlette which came with fairly good house fries and some nice fresh fruit. At the end of the day, with our coupon discount, we got our breakfast with a view of the sea for $12 (for us both), and didn't have to wait in any lines. You can't really beat that.

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Erin said...

I have been to the Broken Yolk half a dozen times and never had to wait that long, even when I was expecting to. Service has varied from okay to good, and my only complaint about the food would be more of a personal preference than a problem--I got a spinach-and-bacon omelette that seemed like it must have had about six slices of bacon in it. It had lots of spinach, too, so I was happy, but I felt bad throwing all that bacon out. (Not as bad as I would have felt eating it, of course!)