Monday, August 28, 2006

Garde Manger

What is a Garde Manger I was asked today. A little piece of trivia that someone was sure I would no teh answer to. Sadly they were wrong and I had no idea- however I know now, according to this culinary site a Garde Manger is someone "who creates salads; hot and cold appetizers; sandwiches; garnishes; and table decorations." I was so excited by this- this is exactly my dream job. Especially the salad creation part, and the garnishes I guess. How commmon are these jobs really? Maybe Culinary School is for me after all. I mean check out my mouse- if this isn't some serious garnishing skills I don't know what is :-)


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap,
Call Orkin, there are mice in the house. Hey all kidding aside, maybe you found a new vocation. Did you eat the little bastard?

c.galen said...

some of us take decades to find our true selves, and here you have done it in a matter of years.

Anonymous said...

eeeee. Bless em. My favourite thing in the world is those 'play with your food' piccies so you made my day!!

On a different note, I love your blog but sometimes you review places and dont really give an inkling as to where they are. A region of SD would be good at least if you dont have the address!! Ta!