Monday, July 24, 2006

My horrible Forray into Betty Crocker- NEVER AGAIN

My wife had a work party a couple of days ago the main guys making up the party were a bunch of boy scouts. It was a fairly early morning work party (in an attempt to avoid the worst of the heat) and so we decided to make some sort of breakfasty type food. We had gone through "The New Best Recipe" and found the perfect recipe for Bluebery muffins. As the time approached however and we became smoothered with other concerns it occurred to us that Boy Scouts would most likely not really appreciate our perfetly made blueberry muffins, would probably appreciate very little at all. What the hell, we thought it will be quicker and cheaper to just throw together some of that Betty Croker stuff.
Well I don't really know what we were thinking but it was a huge mistake. We got right down to making the first batch, mixed it all up as we were told, preheated the oven to the perfect temperatue on the box and set them in the oven. We came back 1 minute before the minimum suggested cooking time and found them- burned to a crisp. If I was baking myself I would of course have checked far more reguarly, but I somehow figured they had this thing down to a fine art and stupidly trusted them.
Never mind, we said, we have another batch- this time we turned the oven down a bit, waited for it to cool, and took the muffins out far before instructed to on the back of the pack. They looked okay at first, but when we lifted them out most of the bottoms were singed, and even the ones that were not just didn't taste at all good.
Ah well, lesson learned, Betty Crocker really is just as bad as I thought.
In the end we threw all the muffins in the garbage and ran to the local doughnut stor before heading to the work party- of course Boy Scouts noticed no difference.


Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Betty Crocker but it sounds like the problem is with your oven.

KC said...

Yeah we considered the oven being the problem. We haven't had any porblems with it before- but this is a new apartment so we have yet to do too much baking in it At the end of they day even the ones which weren't burnt tasted awful!