Friday, July 28, 2006

Baja Fresh

Went out to Baja Fresh for lunch today- first time since I have been living in San Diego. This was the location on Midway and Rosecrans. We were looking for something cheap and my friend recommended - I wasn't so sure about the idea but was actually plesantly surprised. I love the slogan about no microwaves, no can openers etc. It's a nice way for a fast food chain to be. I was also impressed how incredibly clean and sparkling everything was inside- very 'fresh' indeed.
I ordered a burrito and actually really enjoyed it- especially for the $4.95 price. The portion was just pefect for lunch (I find chipotle to be far too big), it was also presented in a very comfortable way- again Chipotle's burritos are quite the challenge to eat. Salsa bar was also a great selection.
So thumbs up to Baja Fresh, will definitely keep it in mind next time I need a quick bite

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